Problem Solving Agency

 We solve problems to improve life style; Whatever your problem is, see if we can solve it by sending us an email to

 We build websites, perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and reduce the cost of marketing for individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

 We help individuals and families to establish and build their own business with or without managing inventory or sales tax.  This allows them to continue living their lives as flexible as they need to, while adding a extra confidence and income.

 We assist customers on site, with house call visits to the South-King-County: Federal Way area.  We are qualified to help with a variety of home technical problems, including computer and media arrangements for families and individuals who want help with modern technology.  We also repair and/or build computers (which seems to be the most frequently needed service).  We make recommendations designed to save money, time, and resources.

 We help families and people who want to have a cleaner, healthier, or happier life style, and show them how to make their homes safer and easier to manage, benefiting them and the environment.  Through our help people can become better prepared for natural disasters and emergencies.  Many of the techniques we share to improve emergency preparedness also make daily life easier.
Tip: Several items can be used to sanitize the home and, properly mixed, are actually more effective at sanitizing/sterilizing the home than chlorine bleach — without destroying the color and appearance of valuables:  Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar, Borax (still available in some grocery stores i.e. Winco Foods), White Thyme Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Ethanol (clear Vodka).  While vodka seems like a rediculously expensive idea, for some applications in is just the opposite. It's dispersal and penetrating properties make it ideal for carrying Hydrogen Peroxide through skin and hundreds of surfaces without leaving residue, allegens, or irritants behind — with the smallest amount of solution applied.

 We fundamentally operate as a free information service to the community (including lectures or groups), or a paid service for on-site specialized services, SEO services, and private problem solving projects.  We deliver valuable information that may protect people and reduce environmental stress.  We also formerly sold some products and services, including AMSOIL products, and books (and as a retail business will again make them available if requested).  This helps us further our purpose of improving lives and the environment we live in.

Donate to help our community problem solving projects. These solutions are free to every one (for most solutions a request should be made, since for certain legal or functional reasons, we can't simply put all our solutions on the website).

September 2014 Favorites from the annual Puyallup Fair

Highlighting favorites of products and services, found while searching through the fair grounds. Pictures taken with permission and represent only a customer's focus and opinion on what were the most noteworthy finds the first day of the fair.